Beavers are the largest rodent in America, growing up to 100 lbs. They are known for building dams and lodges in waterways. They have thick brown fur and a large versatile flat tail. They use their tail for swimming, storing fat reserves, balancing while standing, and as a warning of danger by slapping it on the surface of the water.



Beavers live in areas around water sources, whether that be a stream, river, pond or lake. They will chew down trees in their surrounding area for food and to create dams and lodges. 



Beaver are often known for chewing down trees and eating the bark. They will also chew down smaller saplings and other shrubbery. They will eat the bark off of the trees and use the fallen trees to create dams to block flowing water and flood areas to generate a more suitable habitat for themselves.

Beavers breed once a year, typically producing between 2 and 6 kits. They start breeding at age 3 and can live as long as 24 years in the wild. 



Beavers cause damage to property by causing trees to fall, damming streams, and flooding property and roadways. Beavers can also pose a heath risk if they are living in someones water source or an area where people swim. They carry a parasite that is transmitted through their feces called Giardia lamia and causes Giardiasis also know as beaver fever. The beavers water source is a carrier of this parasite and causes human illness. 


Terminix control and removal

At Terminix we offer a trapping program to remove the beavers from an affected area. We also offer a monitoring program to ensure coverage for our customers in case another beaver moves in to that territory. 

If there is a flooding issue, we will restore water flow so that the water is able to slowly leave the area that was flooded.

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